A Birthday at Burnt Ends, 20 Teck Lim Road, Keong Saik, Singapore

Burnt Ends, 20 Teck Lim Road, Singapore
Burnt Ends, 20 Teck Lim Road, Singapore

We rocked up to Burnt Ends (facebook. 20 Teck Lim Road, Keong Saik) on a Saturday evening, foolhardy, without having made a prior reservation.

One last table was available outside where we could watch couples out on dates and the Potato Head valet slot cars atop double-yellow lines.

Beef marmalade and pickles. Burnt Ends, 20 Teck Lim Road, Singapore

Toast, Tomatoes, and Lardo. Burnt Ends, 20 Teck Lim Road, Singapore
Started with beef marmalade and pickles on toast, and tomatoes and lardo also on toast.

Burnt Ends Sanger (pulled pork burger with coleslaw, chipotle aioli, brioche bun), Burnt Ends, 20 Teck Lim Road, SingaporeThe Burnt Ends’ sanger (pulled pork with coleslaw and chipotle aioli in a brioche bun). Cheesy bit was suspiciously reminiscent of the melted yellow cheezwhiz slathered over nachos at the bowling alley that used to occupy the grounds of Orchard Cineleisure.

rump cap, burnt onion, and bone marrow. Burnt Ends, 20 Teck Lim Road, Singapore

Would have liked a little more char on the rump cap with burnt onion and bone marrow. The marrow also needed a tiny pinch of salt and pepper to perk it up.

With such a promising yet lackluster meal, we marked another year of a dear friend’s existence.

There’s nothing like a spot of catching-up to render one fully cognisant of the futility of one’s well wishes. I wish my friend had had a happier married life in the past year – not spending time in the same flat in different rooms engaged in separate activities; not failing to pray together or read the Bible together as if they were strangers to a common faith; not staring into a future of continuing to be not-quite-wedded…

…with us helplessly spectating…

Burnt Ends, 20 Teck Lim Road, Singapore

Perhaps, only prayer…

The Past Weekend – Genesis Cliffhanger, Daniel’s Non-Nightmare, Psalm 119 – word!, Fat Boy’s Burger Bar, 3D Latte Art

Where did the weekend go?, you wonder tritely as you arrive rudely at Monday with a raccoon nest on your head, last Thursday’s dust still on your shoulders.

Let’s see:

Friday was spent reading the first bit of Genesis (Genesis 1-11) with M. In Genesis 1-2, the world is perfect and Adam and Eve live in perfect relationship with God and each other and the rest of the world. Far too quickly, they rebel against God and suffer the consequences of their sin (Genesis 3) – broken relationship with God and each other and the rest of the world, and death. In the next few chapters (Genesis 4-5), the wonderful proliferation of mankind in the world (their creational mandate) unfortunately means the proliferation of sin: violence and more rebellion against God.

Ah Genesis 6:1 – 9:17. Erroneously famous for the animals lining up in pairs to get into Noah’s ark. If any one ever thought this world’s multitude of problems could be solved by destroying it all, and leaving one righteous man (en familia) to start it all again, well, they have another think coming. Noah the righteous man was given a clean world to do his best, but before anyone could say “fermented grape juice”, sin entered again (Genesis 9:18-29).

More humans populated the world from Noah’s progeny, but t’was the same old story – mass rebellion against God culminating in the building of the Tower of Babel to usurp God (Genesis 10-11).

What a cliffhanger…what would God do now? Wipe out the whole of humankind after giving one chance too many?


Shovelled down a bit of lunch before legging it to a thankless Thanksgiving Service which started badly when the speaker declined a Bible, and proceeded to speak for the next hour about how God had blessed and disciplined him, rather than focusing on the glories of God himself.


Arrived late for the Friday Bible Study, where Daniel 9 was the passage being discussed. Both Nebuchadnezzar (king of Babylon and most of the known world then) and Daniel had had dreams before about the rising and falling of nations, and the persecution of God’s people, but ending with God’s king ruling over God’s everlasting kingdom. Daniel had always gotten an adverse reaction to his night visions, but seemed much less agitated with Gab’s message this time. Not because God’s people were now going to be saved from suffering, but perhaps because there was the promise that would be a finishing of transgression, an end to sin, an atonement for inquity (Daniel 9:24). But how would this happen?

A continuing cliffhanger…if one did not sneak a look at the Gospels…

Got home past midnight.

Psalm 119 at Artease, Serangoon CentralWoke up with some semblance of the sun on my face on Saturday, with half an hour to spare before meeting S at Artease Serangoon (facebook. Blk 261 Serangoon Central. Salted caramel ) to start a read-through of Psalm 119. How does this fit into the book context of Psalms, I wanted to know. Why all the rich vocabulary for God’s word (precepts, laws, decrees, commandments etc), S wanted to know.

Then hurried a few roads away for a study on Revelation 12-14 that was not to be because one person had taken ill at home and another was stuck in a planning meeting for Christmas. G and I had a good chat about present struggles and found comfort depending on God in prayer.

Fat Boys Burger, Far East Plaza, Singapo re Fat Boys Burger, Far East Plaza, Singapore

Fat Boys Burger, Far East Plaza, Singapore Fat Boys Burger, Far East Plaza, Singapore

Full of joy for the day well-spent but relieved to get a little alone time at Fat Boy’s The Burger Bar (facebook. Far East Plaza). A fantastic gobstopper. The fresh buns were buttered and grilled – so tasty on their own. I usually like my patties with a little more bite, but could not fault this well-seasoned charred-edge wagyu-beef-texture tender meat piece. And the whole handful of happiness (with pickles and cheese and bacon) worked together – well-assembled so you wouldn’t be distracted from your meal by being made far too aware of the individual parts of each bite.


Stumbled into church on Sunday, chatted some, and stayed on for prayer meet. This month, we were praying for Wycliffe Bible translators’ precious work in getting God’s word into the hands of different language groups all around the world.

Your Prayers Help People Get the Bible from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.

Does correlation always mean causation, asked a group member. Indeed not, but we pray knowing that we will be heard by a good and loving God, and also knowing that the solely sovereign God does whatever he wants.

More chatting into the afternoon, then a light dinner with the usual dinner gang at Changi Village food centre without the morose brother we’d asked to join us.

Latte Foam Art, Chock Full of Beans, Changi Village
Latte Foam Art, Chock Full of Beans, Changi Village
Latte Foam Art, Chock Full of Beans, Changi VillageOh, what childish joy was wrought by this simple 3D latte art (sculpture?) creation at Chock Full of Beans (facebook. Blk 4 Changi Village Road). A nice end to the weekend.

Create Your Taste Burger at McDonald’s, Raffles City, Singapore

After the end of Playmax 2015, we headed over to Macca’s, Raffles City, for supper.

McDonald's, Rafflest City, Singapore - Create Your Own Taste BurgerThe first thing that greeted us was the Create Your Own Taste kiosk – a touch-screen enabled you to build a burger from a list of burger components (bun, patty, cheese, greens, sauce, “premium additions”). Probably to fob off the kiasu-ness of Singaporeans, the only components you could order all of were the veg and the sauce.

McDonald's, Rafflest City, Singapore - Create Your Own Taste BurgerI had a modest semolina bun with single patty, rocket leaves, sliced jalapeños, caramelised onions, swiss cheese, with ketchup and mustard sauce and Big Mac sauce.

To emphasise the whole “gourmet” experience, the burgers were delivered on wooden boards, with the unsalted fries in wire baskets. Together with wet wipes in little square packets. Salt and ketchup/chilli sauce were DIY as usual.

A sign of the times that consumers are willing to pay for the opportunity to customise (make a personal choice) about what they wish to receive?

The patty was a dry, though I was too distracted by our very interesting conversation with XH and JL to bother much.

Their account of junior college life wasn’t much different from the people the day before. I’m glad that they’re giving serious thought to answering difficult questions and not just sticking their heads in the sand. But it is rather sad how self-righteous some of their classmates are – thinking that they know what is true, but actually just following the (current) feminist, anti-Christian trend that they think is so fashionable and civilised.

This I cannot understand – we live in a society that allows us the freedom to think about all these issues and discuss them publicly; the freedom of choice based on an informed decision. Yet, from the way they have been described, these classmates act like they’ve joined a cult group, frittering away their liberty of thought and discussion for mindless mob lynching.