Rustic Baby Kale, Gubbeen Cheese, Prosciutto Tart

Don’t you love it when, in this era of authenticity, you can make a totally ugly tart and call it “rustic”?

rustic baby kale, Grubbeen Irish cheese, Italian prosciutto tartThis was a tart of left-overs from the fridge.

Having been rather sleep-deprived from all the work (gospel and for-money) in the last few weeks, I’ve:

(i) been comforted by the reminder of the fact of our weakness (2 Corinthians – listen: Jars of Clay series from St. Helen’s Church Bishopsgate);

(ii) yet wondered (somewhere at the back of my mind) if i’m using it as a bad excuse for my poor planning, rather than it being a proper acknowledgement of the poverty of my station before an almighty and sovereign God.

rustic baby kale, Grubbeen Irish cheese, Italian prosciutto tart
Still, onward, onward.

Stress Baking: Fruit Tart

I am a stress baker – I bake mostly when there is too much going on and I need time to think; when it feels like I’m just barely plugging in the cracks in the pie.

making a fruit tart in Singapore

Here’s what’s on the plate at the mo, on top of a full-time “secular” job 5 days a week:

Romans – weekly Bible study
Romans – monthly youth training
Luke – weekly children’s ministry
Philippians – monthly Indonesian ministry
Revelation – weekly intern/apprentices’ training
Psalm 119 – S
Revelation – D and G (from another church)
Ephesians – a bunch of medical students
Hebrews – S and D (who lead groups in a university)
Genesis – M (who leads student groups in secondary schools)
John – J (who leads student groups in primary schools)

Graham Beynon’s “Last Things First” – book club

making a fruit tart in Singapore
As always, there is that tension between:

(i) the awareness of what a formidable responsibility it is to be saying “thus says the Lord” and so wanting to be absolutely sure that what I’m teaching is what God is saying in his word, the Bible; and

(ii) acknowledging the I am a sinful human with a mind that has yet to be completely renewed, and so can never attain perfect knowledge of what God is saying (though, we can expect to get quite close – after all, the purpose of the Bible is that it is to be heard/read, understood, and responded rightly to); and
making a fruit tart in Singapore

(iii) relying on the fact that God knows who are his, that all believers are already (in one sense) united with his Son, and that it is the Spirit who, in changing our minds and hearts as the word is taught, conforms us to the likeness of God’s son and helps us to persevere.

SDG. I’m going to bed.