Chalk Farm Kueh Salat

Was waiting for someone to finish yoga class at Paragon Shopping Centre when I came upon The Chalk Farm cakery.

Chalk Farm kueh salat
Kueh salat in cake form? I was a little leery of attempts to contextualise Western concepts of dessert, or alternatively, to modify local Singaporean/Malaysian dessert for Western taste.

But never say never. (This was the last third of the slice that people kindly left for me.) The green firm custard was fragrant with pandan (screwpine) leaf and not as horribly salty as commercially made kueh; the glutinous rice base, tinged with blue bunga telang (peashoot flower) dye, was just the right consistency.

mao shan wang durian kueh salat, Chalk FarmAnd the maoshanwang durian kueh salat too was a success. Here, the glutinous rice base was the perfect foil for the creamy, happily-pungent durian custard (that didn’t bite the tongue like the acidity regulators in usual mass-produced durian pulp).

Contextualisation: works when the original message is kept intact, even though the form has changed.

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