Wanted: Wisdom

Wrote this some time back, just found it in the Drafts folder:

where Emmanuel Bristol (City Centre) meets

Last Sunday, we were at Emmanuel Bristol (City Centre) where Jim Walford was continuing their current series on Proverbs with Proverbs 8.

The place of wisdom in the Bible and in the Christian’s worldview and life is one of the artifacts I’ve left in the sandbox for a while, expecting to pick it up for a thorough examination at some later time. And now, it’s been brewing at the back of my mind since arriving in London and idly picking up Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers from a secondhand bookshop.

Why do some people succeed far more than others? Ah, says Gladwell, instead of mere IQ, success comes from a combination of luck (demographic, tide-turning), background (parental models of hard work and relating to others in society, cultural legacies), practice (10,000 hour rule), drive from meaningful work.

Now, this is the world‘s wisdom. But if it is an accurate observation of life, then it should not be dismissed without consideration. Instead, and this is one of the few times I agree with the Associate Trainer, we can take advantage of this use of common grace to determine how to make the most of the abilities and opportunities that God has given us in this life.

Having had quite an exhausting few months of pushing hard for proper Bible teaching in several circles, God had graciously sent refreshment in the form of the love and wise counsel of friends, old and new, from St. Helen’s Bishopsgate in London, St. Ebbe’s in Oxford, and Emmanuel Church in Bristol. After a fortnight, I’m starting to be able to thinking clearly about things, with the perspective one usually only gets from a distance. And the dull lightbulb-above-head is this: I need wisdom.

ESV Bible and Kurst PencilThe beginning of wisdom, says Proverbs, is the fear of God. But how does the pragmatic tone of so many of the proverbs fit into that overarching idea?

How to get wisdom? How to have wisdom to get wisdom?

ESV Bible and Kurst PencilIf wisdom is a matter of life or death – isn’t that too dramatic a thing wrt being a good emotionally-and-situationally sensitive friend?

bread and wine for Lord's SupperTo be continued…hopefully…


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