Create Your Taste Burger at McDonald’s, Raffles City, Singapore

After the end of Playmax 2015, we headed over to Macca’s, Raffles City, for supper.

McDonald's, Rafflest City, Singapore - Create Your Own Taste BurgerThe first thing that greeted us was the Create Your Own Taste kiosk – a touch-screen enabled you to build a burger from a list of burger components (bun, patty, cheese, greens, sauce, “premium additions”). Probably to fob off the kiasu-ness of Singaporeans, the only components you could order all of were the veg and the sauce.

McDonald's, Rafflest City, Singapore - Create Your Own Taste BurgerI had a modest semolina bun with single patty, rocket leaves, sliced jalapeños, caramelised onions, swiss cheese, with ketchup and mustard sauce and Big Mac sauce.

To emphasise the whole “gourmet” experience, the burgers were delivered on wooden boards, with the unsalted fries in wire baskets. Together with wet wipes in little square packets. Salt and ketchup/chilli sauce were DIY as usual.

A sign of the times that consumers are willing to pay for the opportunity to customise (make a personal choice) about what they wish to receive?

The patty was a dry, though I was too distracted by our very interesting conversation with XH and JL to bother much.

Their account of junior college life wasn’t much different from the people the day before. I’m glad that they’re giving serious thought to answering difficult questions and not just sticking their heads in the sand. But it is rather sad how self-righteous some of their classmates are – thinking that they know what is true, but actually just following the (current) feminist, anti-Christian trend that they think is so fashionable and civilised.

This I cannot understand – we live in a society that allows us the freedom to think about all these issues and discuss them publicly; the freedom of choice based on an informed decision. Yet, from the way they have been described, these classmates act like they’ve joined a cult group, frittering away their liberty of thought and discussion for mindless mob lynching.


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