David Cook on the Book of Acts

It’s great how different ministers/pastors/lecturers/theologians have given years of their lives to work on certain books of the Bible. And they just get better over time as they preach and teach in different contexts and continents.

David Cook (not the American Idol guy, but the former Principal of Sydney Missionary & Bible College, and currently part-time assistant to the minister of Chinese Presbyterian Church at Surrey Hills (facebook)) has done alot of work on the Book of Acts. He’s compiled his work into a book, Teaching Acts, and wrote a set of undated devotions, Acts: The the Ends of the Earth.

Here are some links to other resources online:


  • Sussex Gospel Partnership 2014 – Reaching the Unreached
  • Proclamation Trust Spring Younger Ministers Conference in 2012:

The Apostolic Trilogy, Peter (Acts 2-4)

Paul’s 1st Recorded Sermons (Acts 13-14)

New Covenant ministry modelled and described (Acts 19-20)

Talk 1: A Spiritual Tonic (Acts 1:1-8)

Talk 2: The Story of One (Acts 8:26-40)

Talk 3: A Preaching or a Living Faith? (Acts 23-26)

Individual Talks

And here’s something that Simon Manchester remembers from a talk:

David Cook came and spoke to our Men’s breakfast some weeks ago, and he spoke on Acts 8.  And he told us, in the course of the talk, how his father became a Christian. He said his father was an unbeliever. He was part of the building industry. He said he was a smoking, drinking, swearing, Christian-mocking man. And then the building industry had to put him off, and so he decided to take a job with insurance and he was taken on by an insurance firm and he was the twelfth of twelve men they employed. And they were going to send these twelve out, in twos, door-to-door. And there was one of the twelve called Ernie, who was a Christian, and nobody wanted to go door-to-door with Ernie. And so they said to David Cook’s father – Cookie, you were the last to apply. You go with Ernie. And so David Cook’s dad went off with Ernie the Christian, door-to-door, selling life insurance. And David said, some months later, his father came into his room, sat on the end of his bed and said to him, ‘I have become a Christian’. Ernie had shared the Good News with David’s father, and David’s father had become a Christian. And David said, ‘We watched the transformation. This went… and this came… and this went… and this came’. And his father became a transformed believer. And then of course, down the track, urged David himself to head off to a Christian camp, where David was converted… and now he is the Principal of the Sydney Missionary and Bible College.

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