On the Third Day of National Mourning for Lee Kuan Yew

7-day Period of National Mourning for Lee Kuan Yew:

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On the Third Day of National Mourning for Lee Kuan Yew

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On the third day of national mourning for Lee Kuan Yew, his casket was transferred from Sri Temasek to Parliament House by ceremonial gun carriage, where it will lie in state for the public to pay their respects until Saturday.

“The Coffin Bearer Party drapes the State Flag over Lee Kuan Yew’s casket. It is the highest State honour accorded to a leader and is positioned over the casket such that the crescent and stars lie over the head and close to Lee Kuan Yew’s heart.”

Coffin Bearer Party transfers the casket bearing ‎Lee Kuan Yew onto the Gun Carriage. The Coffin Bearer Party is led by BG Ong Tze-Ch’in, Commander 3 DIV, and comprises 8 officers from Army, Navy, Air Force and Police.

A foot procession follows the carriage carrying Mr Lee Kuan Yew from Sri Temasek for about 70m.

Singapore Armed Forces Band plays Beethoven Funeral March No 1 during foot procession, led by eldest son Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and wife Ho Ching. The elder Lee’s other children Wei Ling, Hsien Yang and wife Suet Fern, and grandchildren follow.

As ‎Lee Kuan Yew Carriage comes to a stop, a bag piper from Singapore Gurkha Contingent plays Auld Lang Syne. President Tony Tan, ESM Goh Chok Tong, among those at Istana Plaza to offer respects to Lee Kuan Yew.

At Istana main gate, 24 Ceremonial Guards from the SAFMPC have formed a line of honour.

The Gun Carriage for ‎Lee Kuan Yew enters into Parliament House. 8 pallbearers accompany the carriage, representing of 3 branches of government – legislature, executive, judiciary.

Lee Kuan Yew’s casket was received by Chief of Defence Force, Police Commissioner, Speaker of Parliament, PM Lee and family.”

Lee Kuan Yew’s Coffin Bearer Party has transferred the casket onto bier for lying in state at Parliament House. The public can pay last respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew at Parliament House until Saturday evening.

(For information on the names of the pallbearers at the 8 pallbearers from the Istana Household and Mr. Lee’s Private Office, and the 8 receiving pallbearers representing the three branches of our government: the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary, see this page.)

You can see the Singaporean camera-salute outside the Istana and along Orchard Road in the 5th video. According to Facebook reports by onlookers were weeping openly and cheering and applauding. Amazing for “unemotional” Singaporeans. And definitely not stage-managed.

There were 3 queues to Parliament House this early afternoon that joined into one at some point:

  • from Hong Lim Park (yes, this is probably why the unrestricted use of the Speakers’ Corner was revoked, and unlikely to do with trying to clamp down on freedom of speech as Kenneth Jeyaratnam alleged); Screen Shot: Channel NewsAsia Singapore: aerial view of queue to pay last respects to Lee Kuan Yew in Hong Lim Park
  • from the Supreme Court, around the yet-unopened National Gallery of Singapore, past the Singapore Recreation Club, over Fullerton Bridge, past Fullerton Hotel, along the Singapore River (glad LKY got that cleaned up!), back across Cavenagh Bridge, past Asia Civilisation Museum;
  • from Clarke Quay, up the overhead bridge to Fort Canning, a little way up Fort Canning and down again, doubling back over the overhead bridge, down along the Singapore River, under the underpass, along New Bridge Road to Hong Lim Park.

It was good to enjoy our (rare?) show of unity and care for one another as the opportunity presented itself: Fullerton Hotel, Crazy Elephant and other restaurants along the way were offering complimentary iced water to everyone waiting under the hot sun.

Artisan de Fleurs at Raffles Place offered free flowers for mourners to take to LKY’s wake.

Rather like the gentle Singaporean humour about how the Guinness Book of Records should have them down for the longest queue. And also in a typical Singaporean way of solving this issue, Parliament House will be open for 24 hours daily until 28 March, 8pm.

screenshot: Remembering Lee Kuan Yew: Lying in State at Parliament House - Latest Info. Open 24 hours daily.

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